Meditation is simply the act of being present, moment to moment. You can definitely spark up some incense and a holier-than-thou pose while you’re at it, but don’t let the cliche aspects of this ancient practice prevent you from feeling meditation’s incredibly grounding effects.

When I did my interview with Paula Galli about my upcoming book Natural Eating vs The Diet Monster, one of the main things she was interested in was meditation. How to do it. What the point is of doing it. And how it relates to creating self love and being happy with your body.

We went over a brief meditation in the interview (the pw is LOVEYOURBODY), and I was very happy to find this article on MindBodyGreen about cultivating moment to moment awareness. It’s very timely, because I’m planning my blog-roll for the next few months, and am going to be talking a lot about meditation, and how it can help you be more peaceful… and hot.

There is a lot of talk in the yoga room, and even in the mainstream blogosphere about ‘being present’. Deepak talks about it. Eckhart preaches it. It constitutes even my fave-of-the-moment Marianne Williamson’s foundational teachings. It’s become such a hot topic that it’s almost cliche…which usually means its authentic validity is lost somewhere between Oprah and Yoga Journal. One of my goals for this site is to make my readers see – and feel – the effect of actually using these practices that we often bore of when they are still at the stage of mere concept for us.

I once had an acquaintance at a party say to me that she has never even tried yoga, yet she is already sick of it. Shame, really, that we would roll our eyes at something that can bring so much good the same way we express exasperation at the redundant popularity of 50 Shades of Grey.

In essence, being more present-minded is life changing partly because it takes you out of the past and the future, which are both spaces of time upon which you have absolutely no control. So much of our time is wasted dwelling on what we have done, and forecasting on what we are going to do. As my teacher Michelle from The Cedric Centre says: “Planning can still be done in the present, only present-minded planning is peaceful planning.”

Focussing on the past and the present both bring unnecessary stress. It’s pointless really. We start thinking of what we are going to do, and what we should have done, as opposed to operating in the moment which is the only place we really have any power. By bringing your attention to the present, whether you connect via sound, sight, taste, smell or touch (and especially breath!), you can relieve stress and have far more influence in your life.

So if you’re interested in meditation, check out this article to get you started, and stay tuned for more coming at you straight from the pages of Peace + Hotness.

Breathe on.


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