Weighing Love by Paula Galli

Why can’t we just look in the mirror and accept who we are?

In my video interview with Paula Galli, author and eating disorder expert, we explore this question and more, in line with the release of her new book,  Weighing Love.

HOW exactly do we go about making the shift from beating ourselves up to being accepting and peaceful? Is it possible to make that shift and still pursue the goal of optimal health and hotness?

Loving your body is such a complex and heated topic, definitely not as easy as a sweeping ‘oh, just love your body and everything will be ok‘. That’s why we get right into the actual steps required to move from Point A – a disordered or stressful relationship with food and body to Point B – peace with food and love towards our bodies unconditionally.

This interview is about 13 minutes. I know, I know, for optimal retention, videos are supposed to be 3-5 minutes long…but c’mon. There are plenty of topics that can’t be squeezed into 3 minutes, and this is definitely one of them.

I’m still working on my production skills, but the message behind this interview should supersede any sketchy transitions in the video. I hope so anyways. The way I see it, it’s more important to be getting these messages out with the tools currently available to me than it is to worry about perfection and leave them dormant in my mind or on my computer. I hope you still love me. 😉

Well, here you go my dear readers. Keep in mind when you watch this that the Amazon Day we talk about is this coming Sunday, November 17. I hope we can all hop online on Sunday and help not only make Paula’s book a bestseller, but help to get the message out there that there is a way to stop weighing love, and start accepting ourselves for who we are.

Thanks for watching! Do you have someone who would benefit from this chat? Please share it up, let us know what you think, and hopefully you can support Paula’s Amazon Day this coming Sunday by purchasing her book.

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