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There are two things I can’t stand: dietary dogma and link baits. I hope you don’t mind that I utilized both in the title of this post. With that said, there is a creepy secret behind your green juice that you really should be aware of.

I didn’t feel like doing a video today. Washing my hair is not in the cards, and although I’ve taken to strategically lowering my standards around my videos in favour of finishing my book, I’ve also been doing some re-assessing of what I’m putting out into the world right now. I feel as though some of my work of late has been a bit vanilla for me.

Did you know there’s also a creepy secret behind vanilla? Posting beige, general interest content on a blog can get traffic and likes, but it also strangles your soul.

I was making a juice this morning, the first I’ve made in a few months, and I remembered when I was in the habit of having one every single day. In fact, I was following the advice of a nutritionist who gave the same advice to everyone: green juice in the morning, salad for lunch, heavier food at night. Those were my Diet Monster days when I really hoped that there was one magic answer, and if I followed it, all my health dreams would come true. Well, those days are over, and these days I’m in yoga pants with my dogs researching and writing for hours on end about how this mentality around food can hold us back from stepping into the true potential of ourselves and our health.

So what is the creepy secret behind your green juice? It’s a two-fold answer:

Part A: It may not be good for you. Not that green juice isn’t healthy for anyone – it is for many people, sure – but like belief systems and underwear, there is not just one way of eating that works for everyone; it’s creepy that people keep suggesting that there is. Green juice is not a magical nectar…it’s just an expensive, potentially healthy drink. That’s it.

Further, many Chinese Medicine doctors advise their patients against raw foods – including green juices – because they are very ‘cold’, and can be hard on people with weak digestion. When I went to visit a very established TCM practitioner with a severe eczema flare, the first thing she told me to do was to get off of raw foods immediately. I thought it was the weirdest advice in the world, and it stressed me out like crazy because I thought raw was the pinnacle of health and that – if only I could stick to it for long enough – it would cure me. Nope, not so.

Part B: Any food eaten, or diet subscribed to, without knowledge of the concept of bio-individuality can put you on the path to dietary dogma, which can be debilitating for your relationship with food and the health of your body. Being pre-occupied with food is no fun at all, and truth is, there is no magic answer when it comes to eating so you should probably stop looking. Just like paleo, vegan, vegetarian, macro, or raw, juicing itself may not be the answer for you. The practice of following a ‘branded’ diet is becoming more and more passé, and many health experts agree.

This is why I’ve focussed so heavily on a diet called Natural Eating in my book, The Diet Monster. And yes, me calling Natural Eating a diet (or even capitalizing Natural Eating) is me being caustic, which is just how I am sometimes. (Remember, being vanilla can strangle your soul.)

Natural Eating is not a diet at all. It’s a way of eating that’s free of the impositions of dieting, and based on how your body feels, not on what some celebrity is saying helped them lose ten pounds in ten days, or what some nutritionist is recommending as a blanket formula for everyone because it’s more expensive and time consuming to produce online programs with individual specifications. So before your eyes glaze over and you wait in the lemming line for a green juice, just know that it’s not a magic solution. It’s just the juice of green vegetables, which may or may  not have a positive impact on your health.

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