Jen is a copy genius! Not only does she have a gift for creating high-converting copy, but she does it in a way that feels human, relatable, and perfectly on brand. So grateful to have Jen on our team!

Sunny Lenarduzzi, CEO + Marketing Expert,

Jen Boyle is, quite simply, a Unicorn. She is a world-class collaborator, expressing her passion with elegance, efficacy, and integrity. Her exceptional talent is tempered with kindness, and coupled with a rare ability to manifest vision as reality.

Our last project together taught me so much, and helped me realize that Jen is someone whom I both respect and trust. I’m honored that she has agreed to join our core team at Raja Yoga Academy, and grateful to welcome her into our family.”
Craig Villani, Director, Raja Yoga Academy



“Working with Jen is a dream. She took a huge pile of ‘brain-dump’ notes from an Olympic Athlete, and turned it into a polished, professional, and witty proposal for a television series for CBC. If the show gets picked up, we are bringing her on as a our writer.
She just gets it.
She injects personality into everything, and her standards are super high. Couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Michael Hamilton, film director and C.E.O of Hopz Productions in Vancouver, B.C.

“Working with Jen was simply the smoothest and most efficient content creation experience I’ve had in 12 years of running a small business.

Jen balances high standards with realistic expectations, and allows for adjustments when necessary. She is organized and flexible and kept both of us on task.  Jen set up conditions that allowed me to showcase my work in a way that felt natural and in line with my values. She presents a rare combination of artistic skill and managerial fortitude, and was able to bring our project to a successful fruition despite having to do nearly all of the work remotely. And she’s funny. Work with Jen.”

Benjamin Sears, Yoga Journal Influencer, Internationally renowned yoga teacher, speaker, and mentor, and owner of retreats and teacher trainings

“Jen is one of the only writers I feel comfortable sending my clients to when I can’t take on a project. I have complete trust in her skills and ability to nurture client relationships. She truly wants the best for her clients, and helps them improve and evolve, in addition to providing them with strong, action-inspiring copy. She’s a great copywriter, and has a deep understanding of digital marketing, which is very important when you’re writing in the digital space.”
Jessica Grajczyk, Crystal Award-winning copywriter, editor and founder of


“As a web designer, Jen’s my secret weapon! When I’m trying to sell a website design job and a potential client reads her copy, it closes almost every deal. They want her style of writing on their site…nearly 100% of the time.

“Jen writes clear, concise (no fluff, bs, or overly “market-y”) web copy that’s unique to each individual client’s business and personality. Her copy writing skills save my clients weeks of figuring out how to say what they do in the clearest way possible.
She delivers the highest standard of work, every time, on time. The best part is that I’ve never had to spend time going over the copy afterwards and making further edits. It’s always done right!”
Laura Fabre, Amsterdam web designer and founder of

“I’m so, SO thankful for your service, guidance and enthusiasm with my book proposal. You’ve not only been a great cheerleader, but have had such an eye for suggestions that have taken it to the next level. My only regret is that I had a tight budget, as the perfect scenario would be giving you all the time you needed. But what you did with that time is nothing short of amazing!”

Anna Lind Thomas, humour writer and founder of


“I LOVE your “voice” Jen! I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found a site where I don’t leave 10 seconds into the page. I could read your writing all day long; you are exactly the copywriter I’ve been looking for.”

Molly Courtney, health coach with Love Health Coaching

“I just wanted to find someone who could write in a way that I could read it and say “yes, that is exactly what I would have written if I was a writer.” I’ve finally found that – your writing and “voice” are everything I’ve wanted. Let’s get going!”

Amanda Rae, Santa Monica vegan blogger and founder of