Rainbow Kraut Crackers


Weight loss, improved digestion, and yeast imbalances are topics I’m asked about continuously. Did you know upping your probiotic intake can impact all three? Here’s the low-down on probiotics, some articles to reference for quick and easy info, and of course a yummy recipe to make it all come together in your belly.

Probiotics are getting a lot of play these days.

Just like any other health trend, you definitely want to understand the basics before “jumping on the bandwagon”. Not everyone needs them, and supplements are bloody expensive.

Over time, the micro-organisms which populate your gut can become imbalanced. This can affect your digestion, elimination, and energy levels. An imbalance can also create unwelcome yeast-y friends, which generally suck. While diet is often the best way to keep the good bacteria ruling the kingdom, a high quality supplement, as well as supplemental foods, can add a helping hand.

Things which tax your gut and create imbalance:

~ Stress

~ Alcohol

~ Crappy foods (especially refined sugars)

Things which help your gut and restore / maintain balance:

~ Whole foods, properly prepared

~ Probiotic foods and supplements

~ A calm state of mind

There are so many different opinions about probiotics. As with anything, if you’re looking to debunk the fad, you’ll find lots of ammo. Conversely, if you’re looking for information that probiotics are going to change your life and heal every malady you have, all the while making your hair more glossy, you’ll find that too.

Straight from the mainstream, here’s what the good Dr. Oz has to say about probiotics. For good measure, Dr. Mercola pipes in here. Keep in mind they both make money off of their suggestions. They usually do, which is why it’s kind of creepy they pretty much own the stage on mainstream health. Anyways…

Still in the mainstream, but a little more alternative, I find the information available on the Food Matters website quite…informative. This is what they have to say about probiotics, with a list of foods for your grocery shopping pleasure. For the record, I quite like their documentary, and I find it jives with my general opinions on food and eating. I especially like the enthusiastic juicing guy with the crooked teeth.

If you really wanna dive down the rabbit hole, check out what Scientific American has to say. If you search on the Google, you’ll find many more articles by them that are well researched, scientific, and honest. Lots of biphidiphisus speak, so be warned.

Happy researching! I hope the above links help you feel more informed.

To healthy guts!


P.S. I know it goes without saying, but when purchasing probiotic foods, be sure to get high quality foods which actually have probiotics, not their knockoffs. Examples of this would be real miso (not a powdered packet, obviously), and sauerkraut which is actually fermented.

P.P.S. Recipe: Put organic tahini and smashed avocado on a yummy cracker, and top with sauerkraut. (I eat the heck out of Rooted Nutrition Cultured Foods, found here in Vancouver.)


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