‘Please do not annoy your neighbours.’

I don’t remember where I heard this, nor could I find much about it on the internet, but apparently this is a reminder at the beginning of flights in Japan. The idea itself pleases me greatly, whether it’s true or not. I think it’s an excellent reminder, one that should be posted in places like public transit, yoga studios, coffee shops and definitely the spa.

The rule of silence in a spa like Scandinave can help to set the tone…or set the not-tone…for an experience of relaxation unlike any other.

The popular and immaculately sculpted grounds built seemingly in the middle of a forest north of Whistler Village was the perfect place to go and unwind while on a little jaunt up the mountain this past weekend. We repeatedly alternated between a hot sauna and a cold pool, then back into a hot tub to soften our edges amid steamy trees and mountains as the clean heavy rain plopped down on us from an early evening sky.

photo 3

While lounging there, with nothing to be concerned about and nowhere else to be, I must confess: I still managed to get annoyed. I sat in the tub like a mountain queen, eyes closed relishing in the silence and funky jiggle of a jet pulsing into my lower back. My thoughts, still and serene only moments before, quickly started jumping around in reaction to a couple of giggling, chattering girls.  Should I say something? I thought. I don’t want to be rude to the other guests. Where is the spa attendant? What a couple jerks. Why isn’t anyone saying anything? Can’t they READ? I should just accept this. Actually, screw that, I should totally say something…


My monkey mind jumped around and back again a few times before I managed to catch it. Aversion! I got you! One of the three root causes of misery*, right there in Mountain Heaven. (*According to Buddhist philosophy, the other two are Craving and Ignorance.)

It was remarkable how easy it was to steal my peace. I brought my awareness back to my sensations; the jet, the cool rain, the smell of the trees and eucalyptus, and decided to use the experience to strengthen the balance of my mind.

As I attempted to settle into the moment, chatty and all, a lovely sound – heavenly really – hit my soggy ears.

‘SHHHHHHH’. Hissed my darling husband, visibly irritated and glaring directly at them. The chatting immediately ceased, not to resume again.

Thank God not everyone sees a need to accept things as they are.

🙂 Jen.

P.S. Happy birthday Kev. You are my favourite person in the entire world.





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