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One night, after teaching a yoga class, a woman approached Rachel Priest, pinched her side, and told her she’d be a better yoga teacher if she lost some weight. She wrote an article about the incident, titled “This Is What A Real Yoga Body Looks Like”, which has now had over half a million views on Elephant Journal.

This is my interview with her about her experience, her article, and how she kept from slipping¬†back into her eating disorder as a result of her student’s off-side comment.

A lot of important topics come up in this candid interview: Eating disorders, and how people are ashamed to talk about the ‘grey area’ of having a disordered relationship with food, the term ‘real body’, and Rachel’s take on the title, how comments can throw us back into old cycles, and how freeing it can be letting go of toxic people and the hold they have on us.

I am so grateful I found Rachel’s article, and that she responded to me when I reached out and asked her if I can interview her about her experience. Her desire to help people is so clear throughout this chat, and I’m so excited for you to check it out.

It’s longer than most of my videos, just under 25 minutes, but I just could not bring myself to edit or delete it down. So I hope you enjoy, and allow this inspiring woman to move you with her story.

I’d love to hear your comments below. Have you ever experienced anything like this? If you’re comfortable, please share.

Rachel said it so well, so I’d like to leave you with a quote today from Ms. Priest:

“If I can love myself, that is what’s going to allow me to bring peace and love to other people.”

Amen sister. Have a great weekend everyone.

Love, Jen.

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  1. Thanks again Jenny for bringing something real for us all to watch! I was listening to this while I did the daily house sweep. Really hit home when you guys talked about either having an eating disorder or your totally fine. If only life were that black and white. Everyone has a struggle somewhere and it’s not our job to place our opinions or ideals upon them! Thank you thank you!! You’re awesome!! Love, shawny

  2. Love the specific feedback Shawny. Thank you. That’s why it was so hard to edit it down! I had a strong feeling there would be a lot of gems in there for people. xo

  3. I love when Rachel talks about when the lady pinched her! I don’t know what I would have done… I have heard this story from Rachel before and I remember when it happened and I’m so proud of her for writing about this and sharing her story. Eating disorders and how we view our bodies are so serious, especially for young women. Keep inspiring us Rachel!

  4. What a GORGEOUS women!! It is impressive that she stood-up to be counted on an issue that haunts so many people – body image and being at peace with the healthy body one inhabits. Rachel is GORGEOUS in so many ways… just the way she is.
    Thanks for the interview.

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