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Let me start by saying that this is probably my favourite meal ever. It’s so simple, and has so few ingredients, but it remains a solid fixture in my meal lineup year after year. Not that you’d need a recipe, but here it is.

As unglamorous as it is, I do tend towards a utilitarian way of eating and cooking/prepping my meals, so don’t expect to serve this baby and have fancy guests swoon over your mad kitchen skills.

Here’s today’s version: Feeds one hungry writer.

3/4 cup of organic brown rice (leftover)

1/2 organic avocado, cut all pretty-like, or cubed.

2 tbsp organic pumpkin seeds, ideally soaked.

1 – 2 tbsp of high quality, cold pressed, organic olive oil

A dash of tamari.

A pinch of sea salt, a crack of pepper, and if you have spring onions, do that.

That’s it. Feel free to mix and match whatever ingredients you want, but I do warn against making it too complicated. The simplicity of this dish not only grounds me, but nourishes my creativity and inspires me to be more me.

Yes, food can do that.

Hope ya dig it.


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