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Last week, I was teaching a class, and became overwhelmed with the feeling that I needed to start hosting workshops. I’ve known this is in my future for awhile, but it felt much more pressing than a fuzzy distant dream. I could see it happening.

When I looked at the date, it dawned on me that the holiday season is just around the corner.

I’ve spoken with so many students and clients who literally DREAD the holidays because of all the food, and the fact that they usually gain a bunch of weight. The fact that New Years is just around the corner actually makes the over-indulgence worse…it’s easier to eat whatever you want when you know you’re starting a diet in a week or so. Problem is, of course, that this completely feeds the cycle of the diet mentality that is so harmful to us and counter productive to our health.

What better time to host a workshop on being peaceful with food?

I approached my good pal Jai (he’s a really cool guy) about holding the event at Bikram Yoga White Rock, and he was all over it. There you have it. My first solo workshop is born. I’ve pulled together a summary of what I’ve learned studying nutrition, my own relationship with food and body, and the mind-body-food connection I’ve studied so much, and compiled a solid 2 hours of tools on getting a grip on the food monster over the holidays.

I can’t think of a better way I’d like to end the year.

Tidings of Comfort Food and Joy ~ How to Be Peaceful With Food This Holiday Season is on December 1 at 1pm. The cost is $25, but if money is an issue, please just contact me directly and we’ll work something out. I’ve been known to work for cookies…vegan, gluten free cookies, sans almonds. 😉

I know that many of you who read my blog connect deeply with the struggle I’ve shared around food and body issues. I hold your stories and disclosures in the utmost confidence. The atmosphere of this workshop will be fun, comfortable and friendly, and may even feature hand-drawn story boards by yours truly to visually aid the content. Bring a friend. Let’s hang out.

It would mean the world to me to host you at my first solo workshop.

Yours in peace,

Jenny B.

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