Natural eating is when food occupies its rightful place in your life as fuel, fun and sustenance. There’s no drama. You eat when you’re hungry. You stop when you’re satisfied. You eat what you want, in moderation, and do not feel stressed around food or your body. It’s the opposite of dieting, pretty much.
Before we got all messed up around food, started defining our selves by the way we eat, and jumping diet bandwagons every other week, eating naturally was way more popular. Basically, before we met The Diet Monster, we didn’t know any different.

Dieting causes so much unnecessary stress, and it doesn’t even work. It’s a false solution. Natural eating is a real solution to solve the problem of your stress around food. It’s the alternative to the dieting cycle, because there is no ‘on’ or ‘off’ of natural eating.

Natural eating is your most simple, natural relationship with food, and after practice, it becomes the way you eat.

It’s a process of simplification that helps you get rid of the excess rules and crutches. Natural Eating will teach you how to be natural with food, free of compulsion, guilt, restriction and branding. The neat thing about it is that it’s a long term solution. It will shift and transform as you grow into old age with less stress, and a feeling of confidence and security in the way you eat.The pleasures of natural eating:

– A lean, healthy body.
– Tons of energy.
– Anti-aging.
– No stress around food.
– Proper quantity ensures you never feel that awful, stuffed feeling.
– Good quality will feed and nourish every system in your body.
– You’re aware of food, but not obsessed or pre-occupied.
– An increased desire to be involved with your food, from garden or farm to plate.
– A more sensitive interaction with the world around you.
– Personal growth aside from anything to do with food.
– A guide-map for what to eat, how to eat it, and when to eat that all depends on you.
– Decisions around food, exercise and even activity will be made from a place of love and respect rather than punishment and conformity.

Eating naturally means getting to the point where you don’t think about food so much. It becomes not such a big deal and you can move on with your life.

I’m not suggesting you get all disinterested with food. Quite the opposite. Engage with your food and every aspect of eating! I’m just suggesting that you put it in its proper place, which, in my opinion, is for fuel and fun. It’s for connection and titillation (oooo-oo). It’s to experience the world around you and revel in your sense of sight, smell, taste and touch. It’s not to stuff yourself senseless in a potato chip littered corner of self doubt, fear and loathing.

My teacher, Michelle, taught me about Natural Eating, which is a term being casually thrown about all over the nutritional landscape. I’ve taken it, added some stuff based on my experience and education, and built a theory around it.

By my definition, Natural Eating is a result of a harmonious mind – body – spirit connection, as it relates to food, and consists of three simple parts: Quality, Quantity, and Consciousness.

Each of these three facets of eating will help you reach your goals, and will also help you be free of dieting, once and for all.