I miss my blog! School is heating up big time, and last week I arrived home in one piece from our Jacked On the Beanstalk adventure.


It was such a gorgeous drive, and my dedicated pal Sam took home first place in her division. It was a whirlwind of road hummus, self-tanner and stinky asparagus, never to be forgotten.

Williams Lake

Now, back to business. And pleasure. And learning. And growth. And all those things that I always come back to.

I’m interviewing the incredible Cynthia Wehr for MuseDays next week, and in our preliminary chats, she said something that resonated with me so much I wanted to share it with you before the interview:

“I’m tremendously comfortable in my own skin and I never strive or seek perfection, because that is NOT what life is about. It’s about owning who you are in this moment. Allowing for flaws and imperfections to uniquely make you not break you. I have my sadness. My negative moments. But consciousness. Consciousness allows for you to recognize, accept and let go in half a second. Being positive is one thing. However, I think its more about using the goodness around you, to envelop you like a blanket. And then letting that goodness live you so it may spread to every soul and space possible.” – Cynthia Wehr

Cynthia Wehr


It’s about owning who you are in this moment. Allowing for flaws or imperfections to uniquely make you, not break you. Mmm, such sweet thoughts.

I’m embracing this right now because I’m feeling my imperfections as I work to launch a new company (more on that soon), explore my own case study in school (I wouldn’t wish myself on any holistic nutritionist – so complicated!) and try to embrace the busy-ness of my mind.

Lately I’ve been craving wholesome things. The goodness around me, as Cynthia calls it. Wholesome people, wholesome food, and wholesome thoughts, I want them to envelop me like a blanket. 🙂

I’m registered for a Vipassana meditation course in August, and it’s creeping up on me. Time to start my sitting practice again. Been doing tons of yoga, and it just feels so freakin’ good.

To do no evil whatsoever;

To cultivate virtue and everything admirable;

To encourage good and wholesome thoughts;

To fully purify one’s mind:

This is the teaching of the Buddha.

Have a peaceful day everyone.

Love Jen.



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