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Feeling good in your skin is so hot right now. And I’m so happy to be a part of the movement.

When Dawn Berube initially contacted me about being an expert in her tele-summit ‘Inner Hottie, Sexy Body’, I was 1. Impressed at how she found a rhyme for her movement and 2. Full of gratitude for being a part of the whole process…the whole industry really.

Where I come from, it’s still hard to settle into the reality that I’m standing up for peace with body and food rather than being completely f&%#*d up around food and way too hard on myself all the time. And as momentum picks up and the message gets more exposure, it’s all pure motivation to keep going.

The tele-summit is all about actually feeling sexy + confident in your skin, not just looking good… but hey, that’s important too!

Her collection of experts is an impressive round-up of nutritionists, yoga teachers, bloggers and activists that all share a common message: Love yourself inside AND out. They are reputable, credible, and apparently quite popular.

Experts for IHSB

It was actually pretty funny, because when I was on the phone with Dawn and sharing the whole philosophy of The Diet Monster (the book I’m writing) and making peace with food, I felt like I was possessed by someone who knew exactly what they were talking about. I was overcome with someone who didn’t skip a beat while explaining the specifics of how to get over this whole dieting mess, someone who was on track to fostering change.

Then, when I got off the phone with her, I realized I wasn’t possessed at all. No Carrie-style spirit-hijacking was taking place.

That was just me and my passion for this topic.

My interview is airing on the 25th. I hope you can visit the site and sign up…it’s all free, and the experts are fantastic.

I hope you are thinking about feeling good in your skin, and maybe getting a glimpse of how YOU can feel sexy + confident without food drama or self nastiness.

With love,


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