How to make amazing hummus

Now that you guys have been soaking and cooking your own beans after Episode 1 and Episode 2 on why home cooked beans are nutritionally superior to canned…here are 5 tips on how to perform hummus alchemy and turn them into your best hummus ever.

I thought I was a pro at making home made hummus…until I interviewed Yash, founder of popular Vancouver based hummus company Yummus.

Yash took me to hummus school last week! Check out our interview and build some mad hummus skills with his 5 main tips on making amazing hummus….I personally think #2 will take any home made recipe to the next level.

Here’s Yash’s review on

If you’re in a pinch, and you can’t make your own hummus, here is the list of places which offer Yummus:

Harvest Community Foods – Strathcona/Chinatown

243 Union Street, Vancouver B.C.

Le Marche St. George – Corner of St. George and E. 28th

4393 St. George St. Vancouver B.C.

Organic Acres – Mount Pleasant

3603 Main St. Vancouver, B.C.

And coming soon to

Whole Foods – Cambie

510 West 8th Ave. Vancouver, B.C.

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Yours in beans.



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