Get Fresh Friday 1

I’ve committed to posting a video every Friday this year as part of my process of Turning Pro, and this is my first one. Warning, I’ve been very emotional lately, and I cry a little bit. It’s pretty awkward, but I interrupt my weirdo tears with fluffy pug-cuddling.

I’ve been waiting to launch my instructional videos, and have come up with excuses that would make you roll your eyes and laugh at the same time. I’ve held off because I don’t have a professional recording studio, because I haven’t finished my book yet, and one time I even used my fuzzy eyebrows as an excuse. In my defence, they were pretty fuzzy.

I’ve decided however that if Jenna Marbles can build an internet empire with janky vlogs of her talking shit about people, Jenny Boyle can publish un-perfect videos that aim to help people, dammit. This video is sketchy in production, I have not a stitch of makeup on, and I’m in my basement. Right now, that’s how I roll. Ps. You may also notice one or two false eyelashes hanging on…I’m so glad that these spider-leg installations are going to be off my face soon.

Oh, I also have an important personal announcement to make, as I made a really big career move in December. Anyways, I hope I haven’t made you run for the hills with my awkward confessions.

If you have a moment, comment below about a time when you did something that was imperfect, and it worked out just fine. I’d love to hear your inspiring story! 🙂

Jenny B.



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