deathtostock_creative-community7We all have ego.  Each and every one of us. And when we can have the humility to acknowledge this basic human tendency in ourselves, we’re taking a fundamental step towards self realizing. Ego is not bad, it’s human

Yes, I’ll be more loved/accepted/well-received if I project qualities (intelligence, beauty, empathy, success etc.) that are important to other people.

And that’s ok.

The mere acknowledgement that you do this (and we allll do this) is huge. It’s humanizing. And it’s very authentic. You know, actually being “real” rather than just identifying as such.

There is no greater platform to project to the world how we want to be seen than social media. When we post and share content, we’re saying what we’re saying, but we’re also saying what we want our network to know we’re saying. Maybe read that again, cuz it’s really important. When we post and share content on social media, we’re saying what we’re saying, but we’re also saying what we want our network to know we’re saying. It’s called the “meta-message” and this is the ego’s tendency towards impression management.

The other day I shared a post on Facebook about a dog in L.A. who’d suffered blunt force trauma to his face and couldn’t open his mouth more than an inch. The reasons why this impacted me are not relevant to the point, but suffice to say that I was instantly compelled to donate to this beautiful little animal’s surgery. So I did.

Then, I posted on Facebook that I had donated to his surgery, and urged my friends to do the same if they had a bit of extra money.

Here’s the thing: In donating, I am saying “Please donate to this dog who needs help“. But I’m also saying “I am someone who donates to animals in need of help”. One encourages people to do something, and the other encourages people to see me in a certain light.

Do you see the difference?

I’m not saying don’t post about stuff that makes you appear any particular way. Definitely not! I mean, that’s pointless really because everything says something about you. I’m just saying be aware of the deeper, sub/unconscious reasons why you’re posting what you’re posting. Social media isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s kinda taking over the world, don’t you think? The more our eyes are open to the intricacies of how it affects us, the more ahead we are of the curve, and the more likely we are to maintain our true selves rather than getting lost in the digital versions of ourselves.

When you post, ask yourself this question: What does this say about me, and does that feel aligned with who I really am? Then at least you’re aware.

The answer can be sooooo broad, and will change day to day. I am an opinionated person. I am an activist. I am smart. I am beautiful. LOOK AT ME. (I am someone who posts pug videos and goat videos and cat videos.)

The more we understand these things about ourselves, the more we can move past our false identity and into a more true and connected way of being in the world and with ourselves.

Yours in truth and transparency,


P.S. We could meta-speak all day long on this subject, as I realize in posting this all the things I’m saying about myself in doing so: I’m aware. My ego is in check. I’m an authority on this subject somehow. I get it. And I’m not going to let that stop me from saying it. ✌️



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