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I love making beautiful food from natural ingredients. I also love it when my food has a story.

This morning, I decided to make us some yummy oats for breakfast, and just could’t do without some organic bananas. It’s a beautiful day here in the suburbs of Vancouver, so I unwittingly hopped on my bike in nothing but tights and an off-the-shoulder sweatshirt to ride down to the little market by my house. Brrr. I was deceived!

The market did not have organic bananas. I was halfway from my house to the grocery store, so I decided not to give up, and biked my chilly ass all the way uptown. Out of breath, with burning ears and popsicle fingers, I parked my bike outside without a lock, and feeling very vulnerable (no bra, no makeup, basically in slippers), made my way to the banana aisle. I must have looked hilarious because all the seniors who get there early to avoid the lineups were smiling at me in my dishevelled state.

Anyhoo, got the bananas and a few other things, and took off on my bike to a nice warm breakfast. It was too much of an ordeal not to take a pretty picture and make a post.

Ingredients for Disco Oats – serves 4 hungry peeps

2 cups of Bob’s Red Mill steel cut oats

tiny pinch of sea salt

4 cups of water

4 cups of frozen organic blueberries (yes, 4 full cups! Why do you think it’s so disco??)

1 tbsp cinnamon

Organic bananas and whatever other pretty toppings you want, like dates or hemp hearts


Bring water, oats, and salt to a boil, and reduce to half heat, allowing to cook for around ten minutes. Add blueberries. The blueberries will add quite a bit of water to the mix, so you’ll have to cook those off for a bit, stirring frequently. All told, I cooked these for over 20 minutes, and they were nice and soft.

Top with your bananas and goodies, and enjoy. We have leftovers for tomorrow as well as a yummy snack later on if we want.

Savour how the blueberries infuse the oats with a natural sweetness…or, you can be like Kev and dump a whole load of maple syrup on that baby.

Have fun!

xo Jen.




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