Freedom to Create

What have you been putting off doing that you feel others would frown upon, or that would generate too much talk about you…yet you know could really be a sweet move? Anything that’s pulling you toward it – or away from it – that you feel ‘oh no, I just couldn’t’?

Within the first 60 seconds of hearing Danielle LaPorte and Bix Bixon speak at Freedom to Create last week, I knew the theme for me, the rich lesson that I needed to absorb, was all about Audacity. They were confident. They were unapologetic. They were outstanding, and they had the audacity to stand up there and recognize – even bask in – their indisputable brilliance. I know stuff. I can help you. Go ahead, ask me anything.

Bix spoke of audacious results. Danielle spoke of audacious decisions. The incredibly polished and creative women all around me seemed to have one thing in common. You guessed it. Audacity. The nerve to do what they wanted with their lives in the passionate service of those around them. How dare they?

I have to say, some of the most satisfying life decisions of mine have been born of my tendency toward audacious behaviour.

The audacity to apply for a corporate sales position in radio right out of high school, and not cease going back until they gave me the job.

The audacity to think I could open a successful yoga studio at the age of 25 after teaching for one year.

The audacious goal of raising $360,000 for charity by doing Bikram yoga every day for a year – and the audacity to graciously receive a cheque from an anonymous donor for $36,000 – exactly 10% of my goal.

The audacity to say ‘no thank you’ to good, because I just knew I deserved great.

The more I think of it, the more I feel that the audacious among us are the ones that are destined to make things happen.

I believe this not because audacious people think they are better than anyone else, but because they know they’re awesome, regardless of anyone else.

Try it on, see how it feels. Maybe a juicy, audacious decision is just what you need to shake things up this weekend.

Have the audacity to say no. Thank you.

Have the audacity to believe in yourself enough to start the project, whether other people affirm your qualifications or not.

Have the audacity to be your own biggest fan, and to defend yourself, no matter what.

Have the audacity to know you’re beautiful.

Have the audacity to make the call, accept the compliment, and elaborate your expertise without any guilt whatsoever.

Have the audacity to say yes.

Have the audacity to deserve it, and to know why you deserve it.

Have the audacity to ask the question; and when it’s your time, to give the answer.

Have the audacity to be vulnerable, kind, sincere… and if you’re feeling it…maybe even cry and NOT apologize for it, not even a little bit. Gasp.

Have the audacity to state your boundaries.

Have the audacity to leave the safety and trust yourself, more than anyone else in the world.


Have the audacity to believe – really believe – that you are going to do it, whatever it is, and to know that as long as it’s serving the world and spreading the light, it WILL happen.

Have a daring, audacious weekend, darling.



Ps. Here are some deliciously audacious people I’ve been admiring this week:

Marie Forleo

Kris Carr

Marianne Williamson








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