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Eating high quality food becomes more of a lifestyle shift when you know how to create a variety of dishes with healthy ingredients. My Cucumber Tahini Paté is a perfect way to use cucumber juicer pulp, and will be applauded at dinner parties and potlucks for at least another month, while our cucumbers are still local and fresh.

There’s often dispute about whether a vegan “paté”even counts as such, as the classic definition consists of meat and fat ground into a spreadable paste. The French word “paté” however simply translates to “paste”, so I roll with it and make vegan patès often, out of many different veggie-based ingredients.

Here’s one of my new favourites, which uses the paste from my Cucumber Dill Crisps to make a healthy, spreadable cracker accessory.

Ingredients for one batch of Cucumber Tahini Paté ~

1/2 cup of paste from Cucumber Crisps

1/4 cup of raw tahini

1/4 cup fresh chopped dill*

pinch of sea salt*

juice of one lime*

1 tbsp raw sesame seeds

2 tsp of gluten free low sodium tamari

1/2 clove of garlic*

cracked pepper

Directions ~

My food processor did not work for these so I used the handheld blender, and it was perfect. This tool is quickly becoming my favourite kitchen helper; I’m not sure how I’ve never really used it up to this point.

This Cucumber Tahini Paté is refreshing and cool, and also quite light. It makes for a perfect spread to have on the table pre-meal because it won’t make you full or bloated.

Serve with the amazing Cucumber Dill Crisps for a holistic, healthy snack.

Long live the cucumber.

Jenny B.

*These ingredients are already in the paste, so be careful to not add too much and taste as you go.

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