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Dehydrated crackers are finicky, and I’ve had a weird thing going with them in the past. They’ve been amazing, and they’ve sucked. With this recipe, I think I’ve finally conquered the cracker.
These vegan raw crackers are perfect for special diets, healthy monkeys, and getting back “on path” after a long weekend and a glorious summer. Raw crackers are packed with fibre, and provide a solution to that ever-present quandary of what to do with your juicer pulp. They suit a vegan, vegetarian, GAPS, gluten free, and paleo diet.

Dehydrated Pile

Most conventional crackers, regardless of bright and loud health claims on the box, have weird ingredients and are ultimately made on a conveyer belt in a factory. Sad face.

These babies are kinda time consuming, but they’re all love and hard work. My manly husband digs them with cheese – of course – which is always a bonus. They’re also my go-to for crispy, whole food deliciousness, perfect to pile things on top of or snack on.

I love crispy, it’s probably my favourite texture. Lack of crisp was my beef with some of my previous cracker batches.

The two things you can do to ensure maximum crisp are:

  1.  Spread them nice n’ thin.
  2.  Dehydrate them for long enough.

Ingredients ~ 4 Excalibur dehydrator trays worth of crackers

pulp of about 10 lbs of cucumber (approx. 2 cups packed)

1 cup of (ideally fresh) ground golden flax seed (The golden helped give them their pleasant, light green colour. You can use regular too.)

2 tsp of finely ground sea salt (this batch was pretty salty, so you can cut this in half)

1 tbsp of organic garlic powder

1/3 cup of hemp hearts

1/4 cup of fresh raw dill


1. Use your handheld blender and make sure all ingredients are blended into a fine paste.

2. Using parchment paper, place a sheet the size of your tray on a flat surface for the bottom. (I actually used one of the sheets they provided me, and it worked wonders. They’re expensive though, so I just use one repeatedly as I prep.)

3. Place a blob of pulp in the middle and cover it with another, equal size sheet of parchment. Using a rolling pin, and ideally a helpful kitchen elf, roll your mixture to meet the outside of the paper. You might need someone to secure the paper as it slides around. I just used my toes, which was kind of awkward. Toes also work well for tying ribbon and wrapping presents, but I kind of have hobbit feet, so there’s that. Anyways…

4. When the pulp is nice and thin, carefully peel the top layer of parchment off, score the flattened mixture with a knife to make for easy breaking, and transfer to your dehydrator. Repeat for all your sheets. If you have extra pulp that doesn’t occupy a full space, you can roll little balls and press individual crackers or even thicker ones and make them the size of burger buns.

Score Example Raw Crackers

5. Set your dehydrator to about 120 degrees. I ran mine for about 7 hours, but results will vary between brands, and even air humidity, so stay tuned in to them and check every couple hours.

6. They’re done (in my opinion) when you can break them and they “snap” instead of “thud”.

7. Use them for a simple snack with tahini or sunflower seed butter, as a probiotic rich nibble with my Tahini Avo Crackers with Rainbow Kraut, or as a canapé with my Cucumber Tahini Pate. Make sure to store in an air-tight container, as they can get soft easily.

I usually give small bags of raw crackers as gifts to my friends, and when I visit my homies like my massage therapist and my hair stylist, so they all get enjoyed at their peak freshness.

Got any secrets to make raw crackers awesome? Share below!

Yours in crispiness,

Jenny B.


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