Maddy Moon and Jenny Boyle

After months of restriction and obsessive exercise, Maddy Moon stood on a stage in front of hundreds of people in a bathing suit, a number tagged on her hip, and her most dazzling smile frozen on her face, waiting under bright lights to hear the results of her second bikini competition.

When she found out that she didn’t place in the top three, she left stage to eat one of the first full meals she’d had in weeks, and later found herself staring up a hotel ceiling, asking a question she didn’t know would change her life:

If I can’t succeed in making the world think that my body is the most beautiful masterpiece that ever existed, who am I?”

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The audacity of this question helped Maddy realize that she no longer wanted to live in the food and body obsessed world of professional bikini competitions. Now, she helps other women who battle their bodies find peace, and find themselves outside of just how they look.

We break it all down in our video interview.

You can find Maddy on her blog.

What do you think? Have you ever reached a goal, and thought to yourself: “Why on earth did I put so much energy towards this?”? Tell us about it in the comments.

To your peace,

Jenny B.

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  1. Really enjoyed this Maddy Mood interview! I’m having some interesting realizations. I especially liked her comments at the end about “making room” … I’m inspired to monitor my “mental space” (and “attitude”) more closely (to notice these obsessive or habitual patterns of thought) …..and start weeding my head space so i can grow something more beautiful. 🙂

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