It’s embarrassing how much time can go by without a post showing up on my blog. In the past, I’ve been very hard on myself about that. Now, one of my primary focusses is to be aware of my perceived shortcomings in a different way – a softer way. Surprisingly, this way has proven to be far more effective in helping me get shit done. It’s an interesting paradox…(click ‘more’ to view video)

…when we lighten up on ourselves, we tend to have more space to think, to act creatively, and to respond from a place of intuition over imposition. This has taken me a long time to finally wrap my head around.

Part of my practice in this softening has been committing to 30 days of meditation. Today is day 23. I’ve been sitting twice a day on most days – morning and evening – for 30 minutes each time. I spend a few minutes focussing my mind by practicing Anapana Meditation – which is awareness of respiration. I then move into Vipassana Meditation – which is practicing observing reality, as it is, through body sensations. So basically, I scan my body from head to toe for about 25 minutes, with a focussed and continuous movement of my awareness.

You can find all my little sped-up quickie videos (co-starring Sir Winston and Miss Dionne) on my Instagram, as well as my Facebook page.

I have people ask me nearly every single day how to start meditating. “I’m so stressed”, or “My mind is all over the place” are just a few comments I get in relation to the benefits of a sitting practice.

To start, all you need is five minutes. I’m serious. You don’t need to light candles, burn incense, or start chanting. You don’t need to sit in a particular way, or hold your hands in a funny position. Notice how we put such expectations on ourselves! Simplicity is often the best way.

All you need to do is sit down in a space where you won’t be interrupted, and bring your attention to your breath – just normal breath – as it goes in and out of your nose.

Here’s a video I often have my clients start with when we first start our work together. It’s only ten minutes.

Please let me know how it goes.

Love, JennyB.


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