I’ll help you take your ideas and turn them into words that will sell your stuff, videos that will impact your people, and ultimately, an online presence that will make you stop wishing the internet would just go away.

I work with busy, multi-passionate entrepreneurs to create:

  • online courses
    • Together, we can brainstorm, map out, shoot, and produce the video training that will educate clients (and make you moolah) while you sleep.
  • digital content using video and photography
    • I’ll help you write, outline, record, and produce introductory and promotional videos for your business, and for specific product and service launches.
    • I’ll help you shoot video and optimize photos for your social media posts and blog rollouts.
    • I’ll harness all of my wit and brevity to write captions that your followers will actually read.
  • ghostwriting
    • Let’s finish that e-book. You know the one.
    • I’ll help you write the how-to book that will alter the course of your career and establish major street cred.
  • copywriting
    • Let’s get your site polished and optimize your site visitors, shall we?
    • On-boarding email sequence? New client info pack? Manuals and training assets that aren’t a snoozefest? Done.

Professional content and web copy can make the difference between a browser and a buyer.

A client filming in studio for a promotional video I wrote, directed, filmed, and produced