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Writing Clients

Sunny is a powerful online entrepreneur and YouTube ‘rockstar’ who has been featured in Forbes and Fast Company. She runs an online business that broke the million-dollar mark in 2017, and I am so proud to be a part of her team. She has over 200k subscribers on YouTube, and our content strategy for her brand is robust, tactical, and focused.

I write all of her emails, much of her social, and I create her opt-ins, landing pages, and whatever other content she requires to elevate entrepreneurs, and train people on how to be a ‘boss of YouTube’.

You can check out her site for main page content, and here are a couple of opt-ins I’ve written that I’m especially proud of:

1. Hiring 101 – #TeamSunny’s Secret Sauce

2. The Influencer’s Handbook

Ground Leaf is an incredible plant-based resource site focused on whole, simple foods that taste amazing and are easy to prep. The founder has created a corresponding attitude to go with her website, and I helped her solidify the concept, and put words to her vision.

As a passionate vegan who advocates for a cruelty-free way of eating, she needed her copy to be well-researched, warm, and inclusive. I wrote all of her resource articles which you can read here, as well as all the main page content, and a very informative book called Why Vegan? Discover the World-Changing Benefits of Eating a Plant-Based Diet.

Seriously though. Try some of her recipes, you’ll thank me for it.

Michelle DeWitt

Michelle is an intuitive and a spiritual medium, and I wrote all the main page content for her site. Writing for her was a step outside of my comfort zone, which ended up being really refreshing and fun.

Her copy is warm and inviting, with a touch of humour that acknowledges the existing skepticism around this subject matter. We wanted to keep it down-to-earth, while also not apologizing for the “woo-woo” nature of her work. Michelle has an incredible story, and you can read all about it here.

Body Wisdom Nutrition

Jennifer Scribner is an author and a non-toxic lifestyle coach who uses essential oils in conjunction with food and mindset to help her clients create holistic health.

Because she specializes in helping parents of picky eaters, her copy is geared towards speaking to parents, and helping them alleviate the stress that comes with your kid not wanting to eat any healthy foods. I wrote all of her main page content, and you can read the about page I wrote for her here.

Veenofs Vegan Fashion Online Retailer

This website only features brands which incorporate a cruelty-free approach to their entire business model, from branding and concept all the way to manufacturing and distributing. I wrote each of the product descriptions, and had an absolute blast with it. The little write-up at the top of the page on all of their products…that’s me!


This is an abbreviated version of a promotional video for a yoga studio and wellness space. If you’d like to check out the full, 3-minute version, you can find that here. I directed, filmed, and produced all of this footage, and also used a bunch of it to create exciting content for this client’s social media and blog.

The client wanted something that highlighted what her people had to say about the yoga studio, so we put together a compilation of client and staff testimonials. She’s posted it as “What People Are Saying About Westcoast Yoga”, and it’s a great primer for a new visitor to her site to become comfortable with the space before even stepping foot through the doors.

Some Additional Writing – Articles and Opinion Pieces

Elephant Journal: In Defense of Bikram Yoga

4 Steps to Remembering People’s Names Like a Pro

It’s a Mindset – Article on Changing the Way You Eat

Course Development

Here’s a course I created called The TSW Companion – an online program to help people go through an obscure health condition known as Topical Steroid Withdrawal

26&2 Online (more details below) is an online program I co-created with Tickled Planet, a global ideation company based in Vancouver, B.C. It is a 6-month digital program still in production that took nearly a year to create.



Joanna Bowen is certified nutritionist who specializes in “nutrigenomics”, or the study of nutrition and genetics. This is the shorter version of her introductory video, which I wrote using her words from a phone call. If you’d like to see the longer version, it’s here. We also created a detailed, three-video series that she uses as a “lead magnet” on her website so she can educate and inform potential clients about the benefits of working with her.


I was approached by some yoga-loving clients to create an online program around the popular 26&2 hot yoga series. They wanted to create a six-month, highly accessible, deep-dive into the series featuring superstar teachers from all over the world, and have it available online. Considering this is the yoga I’ve been teaching since 2005, it was a perfect fit.

In the end, the course ended up being 26 modules with five lessons in each module…which is 130 videos! It was so much fun to help them take a big pile of ideas, and sort it into a cohesive, clear, and attractive program geared towards educating and inspiring yoga on the internet.

This is from the lesson called “Inside Scoop” where the teacher – internationally renowned teacher-trainer Craig Villani – dishes on all the points he wishes he had time to cover while teaching a class.

As another facet of the 26&2 Online Program, this video is part of the “Break it Down” lessons which essentially…break down the posture into bite-size bits for easy understanding. I did the voice-over for this video, as well as direction, production and graphics.